2003 April 10

(entry last updated: 2003-04-10 23:52:32)

It’s been great to be away, but the weather here in Augusta has not been the greatest, and they actually cancelled the opening round of the Master’s – understandable if you were here, but a disappointment all around. We can hope the weather will improve tomorrow, but I really can’t believe that they’ll manage to get in two full rounds tomorrow – we’ve gotten more than 4 inches of rain here since Sunday and I don’t think there’s a golf course in the world that can take that.

My Mom’ dial-up access is pretty saturated at night, so I cannot expect to do major web searching from here – so only what little I find will make it.

  • I see that Ben Edelman’s suit against N2H2 was thrown out – untimeliness as an excuse not to rule until absolutely necessary – a classic judicial approach, but it’s too bad that there wasn’t a realization that this is a set of issues that require attention now.