Decency Fight in the UK

BBC urged to axe Springer opera

Having seen the show in London, I can just imagine the kinds of discussions going on. There are some terribly funny parts, but it definitely pushes some boundaries — just like the show it “satirizes.”

Frankly, most of the pseudo-guests in the opera are no more over-the-top than the ones that easily seem to get past the FCC here in the US, but that’s probably not what really upsets those who are complaining about the show. Rather, I’m guessing it’s the way that the show rubs one’s nose in the hypocrisy of those who (a) complain about the behavior of the people who are the show’s guests while (b) greedily watching every salacious minute — kind of like the “red state” delight in watching “Desperate Housewives.”

The musical has been described as the most expletive-laden programme ever on British television.

The BBC said it “contains language and content which won’t be to some tastes” but it must cater for all audiences.

But campaigners Mediawatch-UK said: “Licence fee payers do not expect the BBC to be pushing back boundaries of taste and decency in this way.”

[…] “The continuous stream of obscene and profane language, as well as the debauched behaviour that characterised Mr Springer’s TV shows, is unacceptable and will alienate a large number of viewers,” he wrote.