Larry on Today’s Connection

WBUR/NPR’s The Connection will have Larry Lessig on during its second hour today – Free Culture Future. With links to related shows from NPR.

At the dawn of the internet era, tech-savvy users joined together to create programs than everyday browsers could understand. The open-source movement was born — giving rise to a new philosophy of equal access to information and file-sharing. That’s when the voices of regulation — including everything from Sony Music to Microsoft to Congress — stepped in. Today, our “Innovation That Matters” series continues with Lawrence Lessig, a law professor who brings democracy to the internet by challenging existing copyright laws. In a 21st-century variation of “Steal This Book,” Lessig published his “Free Culture” on the web with a license that allows users to download, sample and edit his text. It’s a move that flies in the face of copyright laws that haven’t yet caught up to the digital world. Pirates and property law on the web.