The Promise of Digital Distribution

See the Movie, Buy the Song [via The Shifted Librarian]

Anyway, there’s a catchy song in the movie that my kids kept singing all the way home. Well, the first two lines, anyway; that’s all they could remember. So when we arrived home, although we had only ten minutes before bedtime, I thought I’d put all of this Internet digital-music stuff to the test.

I fired up the iTunes Music Store, typed in “Polar Express,” and had the song bought ($1) and playing on my computer within–no exaggeration–60 seconds. Now that I knew the name of the song, I hit Google, typed “When Christmas Comes to Town lyrics,” and clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Boom, I was looking at the complete lyrics.

[…] It was one of those truly magical moments that make you believe in the promise of superior technology. Everything worked, and the result was a delicious moment of sweet musical harmony that I’ll remember for a very long time.