OMG – Term Extension Proposals?!

Recall yesterday’s discussion of parking place markers in Boston. Today’s proposed solution: Parking-marker compromise sought [pdf]

City Council president Michael F. Flaherty and councilor James M. Kelly said they will ask the mayor to relax the space-marking rule so that residents can hold onto spaces they cleared for longer than 48 hours after a major snowstorm.

A week would be fairer, Flaherty said. Both councilors said the time limit should depend on the severity of the storm and how long it takes the snow to melt.

”I don’t think people should be entitled to the space until spring,” Flaherty said. ”But I don’t think 48 hours is enough. It should depend on the snowfall. If we get a light dusting, I don’t think you should be allowed to put anything out. But in heavier snowfall, a week makes sense. It’s fair and it’s reasonable.”

Kelly said his office received nearly 150 calls from residents throughout the city agreeing with the longtime commandment of Boston parking: You shovel it, you own it.

See also a discussion of the consequences of a lack of parking space liquidity: Bucking Boston’s parking ‘rule’ [pdf]; and here’s the AP wire report: No more reserving parking spots in Boston [pdf]

Later: From the NYTimes: Boston Mayor Wants Vehicles, Not Cans, in Parking Spaces

Following the 2005 Jan 22 snowfall, a reconsideration in the face of clear illiquidity in parking spaces: Mayor hints he might relent on parking-spot claims [pdf]

Even later: the fight gets national exposure: Kelly’s parking pitch hits national arena [pdf]