KaZaA Trial Notes

In the Washington Post, we get Kazaa Launches Defense in Copyright Case [pdf] (also BBC’s Kazaa launches file-swap defence)

The owners of file-swapping giant Kazaa claimed Tuesday their software, which allows users to exchange copyrighted music and movies online, doesn’t differ from video recorders, as they launched their defense in a landmark music piracy case in Australia.

Lawyer Tony Meagher was outlining his defense strategy on the second day of a civil case in which the Australian recording industry is suing Kazaa’s owners for widespread copyright infringements by the global network’s estimated 100 million members.

From Findlaw we get an article on the industry position: Australia Music Industry Decries Kazaa [pdf]

Lawyers for Australia’s recording industry branded the popular Kazaa file-swapping network “an engine of copyright piracy to a degree of magnitude never before seen” as they launched a court battle to shut down Kazaa’s illegal activities.

Later: And this earlier article from Wired News: Trial to Unmask Kazaa Owners

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