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Pirates of the Digital Millennium

The war over intellectual property is being fought everywhere on earth. It’s a battle between media conglomerates and computer-wielding teenagers, between billion-dollar technology companies and billion-dollar content companies, between artists and artists, nations and nations. This is not only a top technology story, but a cultural, economic, and entertainment story.

Now, IDC’s Chief Research Officer, John Gantz, and Jack B. Rochester, authors of the best-selling book of the 1980s, The Naked Computer, take on the subject from every side: culture, ethics, law, business, law enforcement, and even geopolitics.

Starting with ground-breaking research from IDC on software piracy around the globe (see IDC Inside), and fresh research conducted by IDC for the book on consumer attitudes about music and movie piracy, Gantz and Rochester cover the story from the streets of Bangkok to the halls of Congress, from secret duplicating factories in Paraguay to college dorm rooms. They examine the past, present and future of copyright infringement and enforcement…

Jonathan Zittrain, Assistant Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, Co-Founder, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

“The authors have taken a welcome step back from the copyfights that have consumed the digerati at the turn of the millennium, placing them into a historical, social, and ethical context. This book provides a roadmap for a detente that could end the arms race and allow new forms of creativity and intellectual productivity that we know can be unleashed, if only the right legal and economic knots can be untied.”