2003 February 21

(entry last updated: 2003-02-21 13:02:49)

This’ll be it for a while – after today’s entry, I will be traveling for the next week, so you will probably have to go elsewhere – I suggest Copyfight, bIPlog, The Shifted Librarian, Freedom to Tinker and others from the sidebar to the right. See you in a week

  • This is going to be interesting – CNet reports that PGR/The Honest Thief is planning to exploit a recent Dutch court ruling to become the preferred P2P filesharing operator.

  • CNet also reports on the upcoming Microsoft release of their Rights Management Services

  • Cool! I got an e-mail this morning offering me a press pass to attend the Berkeley DRM Conference next week. If I weren’t going to be out of the country, I’d certainly be tempted, because it looks like they’ve got a great program planned. Whether or not you’re going, the online resources are well worth a review!

  • Another shot across the bow – HP Canada wants to see the repeal of the digital media levy and is working to form the Canadian Coalition for Fair Digital Access to work toward this objective.

  • The ZDnet version of the story about the University of Wyoming’s efforts to track P2P includes TalkBacks – see the state of the discussion among the ZDNet readership.

  • The LATimes has some more detail on the lawsuit filed against Bertelsmann over their investment in Napster. The interesting thing about this suit is that it could easily be construed as reinforcing the effort to stifle all innovation by the record companies in this area – why take the risk in the face of this kind of litigation?

  • The LATimes also has an interesting spin on Berman’s comment from the Digital Rights Summit – that Hollywood is distancing themselves from Berman-Coble, so he probably won’t reintroduce it this session.