2003 February 18

(entry last updated: 2003-02-18 16:52:01)

Well, a new record snowfall in 24hrs and a new all time snowfall record – 27.5 inches. MIT cancelled classes, so you know it must be pretty bad.

  • Derek Slater points to an article that discusses the threat to innovation that the IP cabal may impose in terms that might get someone’s attention.

  • GigaLaw has an article on questions remaining in the wake of the Eldred decision. Honestly, though, I enjoyed (and got more out of) the link to the Reason column (“Mickey Mouse Clubbed”) – an interview with Mickey post-Eldred.

    Q: Very nice. I didn’t know you were familiar with the Warner Brothers characters.

    A: Poor bastards. They’re gonna be locked up even longer than I am. I guess if Chuck Jones were still around to direct their cartoons, they might not mind it on their plantation. Instead, they have to do those stupid commercials with Michael Jordan.

    Anyway. Yeah, Walt Disney created me, but he didn’t create me out of nothing. Look at my skin. Look at my face. Look at this glove. I’m straight out of the minstrel show tradition�which makes this whole “ownership” business stick in my craw even more.

    I’m also Buster Keaton.

    Q: Sorry?

    A: My first cartoon short, Steamboat Willie, was a direct parody of Keaton’s movie Steamboat Bill, Jr. On the very first page of the script, it says, “Orchestra starts playing opening verses of Steamboat Bill.” I remember what Eldred’s lawyer Lawrence Lessig said when he read that: “Try doing a cartoon take-off of one of Disney, Inc.’s latest films with an opening that copies the music.”

    So yeah, they created me. But they don’t want to let other people build on me when they make their own creations, the way they did when I was born. And now I’m locked up for another stinking 20 years! Do you have any idea what it’s like to have to greet kids at Disneyland every single day, always smiling, never slipping off for a cigarette?

  • Roxio’s latest product enables users to burn not only CDs but DVDs too. While 321 Studios pursues infringers.

  • Slashdot reports on an effort by major Australian record distribution companies to stop file sharing on Australian university networks.

    But the president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, said the industry was wrong to target students.

    “The focus of these organisations should be on people who are running or pirating music for clear commercial benefit,” he said. “I don’t think there is any benefit to the community in prosecuting individuals who do this as a one-off. I mean, we’d have half the students in Australia in jail.”

  • The article on the technology formerly known as Palladium that Ed Felten wants to correct got the Slashdot treatment last night.