2003 February 17

(entry last updated: 2003-02-17 18:23:44)

Between working on a proposal, digging out from a New England blizzard, and celebrating my birthday, it’s going to be a little thin today, I’m afraid. UPDATE: Hoo-boy, it’s *really* coming down!

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing the article Ed Felten wants to write after reading this entry in his weblog on how poorly Palladium is being explained.

  • Jenny Levine read the NYTimes a lot better than I did today – a really great article on Smithsonian Folkway’s Recordings distribution model – just in time CD-R burning!

    It is hard for some to ignore the irony that as Smithsonian Folkways uses CD-R’s to further its business, much of the industry hopes to limit the technology’s use.

    “It’s almost like a little bootlegger’s operation going on,” said Dean Blackwood, owner of Revenant Records, an esoteric Americana label.

  • And I really do like these weblabels to track the current terror alert.

  • BoingBoing points to two items: Jon Johansen’s new weblog and an article from Canada on the growing market for region-free/multi-region DVD players.

    But not everyone is pleased with the growing popularity of multi-region DVD machines. While it is not illegal to sell such machines in North America, the major studios are not happy about the potential lost revenue. To try and dampen their growing popularity, the studios have been coming up with several ways to make watching movies on these players much more difficult. Recently, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) developed the Regional Code Enhancing (RCE) system that is now being placed on many Region 1 DVDs. The RCE is made to prevent Region 1 DVDs from being played on multi-region DVD players, and there are talks underway to include this technology on DVDs released around the world. Still, many multi-region DVD players are now starting to be released with technology that gets around the RCE system.

  • Will the MPAA let Mike Myers get away with this?

  • Slashdot discusses a Fox news article summarizing the current Congress’ tech agenda. I especially liked this comment skewering David Coursey.

  • David Stutz’ farewell to Microsoft gets NYTimes ink

  • Anita Ramasastry writes about Patriot II in Findlaw. She points out that, among other evils, Patriot II has no sunset provision, and removes the provision that was in Patriot I.