NYTimes on Today’s Expected IICA/INDUCE Vote

Panel Considers Copyright Bill (there are some graphics in the dead tree version not available online…yet) (Note: CNet reports that the markup has been delayed, although it’s still listed on today’s agenda)

“This is not just closing loopholes,” said Susan Crawford, a professor of Internet law at the Cardozo School of Law in New York. “They’re creating nooses.”

[…] Eric Garland, the chief executive of BigChampagne, predicts this battle will be a blip in the evolution of the music and film industries. “This is really not so different from what happened with radio over 70 years ago,” he said.

The current legislative and legal battles, Mr. Garland said, are merely the desperate attempts by the content industries to hold on to an old business model that affords them a remarkable amount of control over how and when their products are consumed. Once they accept the new paradigm, “these types of technologies are eventually going to make people in the creative chain a lot of money,” Mr. Garland said.

From the graphic in the paper: Shared Files By Type: for August (possibly from BigChampagne? The reference is not clear)

Audio 62.5%
Film and Video 22.8%
Images 4.1%
Software 2.2%
Other 8.4%