Coopting University IS Departments

UCLA to stop short of P2P snooping

The University of California at Los Angeles is using technology to discourage Net piracy of films or music, but it’s holding off on playing campus snoop, a school official said Monday at the Digital Hollywood conference here.

As previously reported, UCLA has implemented a technology system to give notice and warnings to students who have been fingered by Hollywood studios or record labels as perpetrators of digital copyright theft.

An implementation of the Automated Copyright Notice System, or ACNS–an open-source notification software–the system lets UCLA instantly send notices of copyright infringement to students by e-mail and restrict their network access until they have removed the offending file.

Meanwhile, other universities and content providers are increasingly embracing technology from Audible Magic and others to attach digital fingerprints to copyrighted works and keep tabs on students’ file-swapping–technology backed by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America.