2003 February 7

(entry last updated: 2003-02-07 18:46:48)

  • Jack Balkin speculates on the parallels between Eldred and other issues taken to the Supreme Court to achieve major cultural shifts in advance of groundswell support – he parallels free culture with the gay rights movement. An interesting read.

  • Law.com reports on the Lexmark and Chamberlain DMCA cases. Ed Felten and Jessica Litman are quoted on the implications of these interpretations of the DMCA strictures on technological innovation and hardware compatibility.
    UPDATE: Ed Felten reports that Static Control has applied for a DMCA exception in their case.

  • I always brace myself before checking out the site, but today there’s a TCS opinion piece that I agree with – Sonia Arrison on the Verizon decision as a threat to privacy by overbroad copyright enforcement mechanisms.

  • The Boston Globe reports on an intriguing possibility: the radio behemoth Clear Channel selling CDs of live concerts 5 minutes after the close of the show. (Slashdot discussion)

  • Billboard reports that the band Incubus is suing to break their contract with Sony:

    “Under current standard industry practices, Sony Music has been handsomely rewarded financially during this period while the members of Incubus have received very little compensation from their creative and professional efforts,” Rennie said. The core question, he added, is whether Incubus “is entitled to share fairly in the fruits of their labor going forward.”