2003 February 6

(entry last updated: 2003-02-06 18:24:15)

  • CNet reports on Acacia Media Technologies’ (parent: Acacia Research Corp.) continuing efforts to collect licensing revenue from all sorts of businesses on patents they hold on transmitting compressed video and audio over the Internet. Slashdot’s story

  • A fun article in the NYTimes on using a GameBoy Advance to play MP3s – the SongPro. A look at invention, corporate IP protection and music. And, again, something from Larry Lessig’s arguments about innovation and threats – youth and the power of open standards.

  • Cory Doctorow points to Fred von Lohmann’s latest on what’s needed in a prosecution-proof (for now) P2P network.

  • I sure am glad that the federal courts decided there was no reason to work the Microsoft antitrust settlement harder – otherwise, we would be missing out on news stories like this! – The Register adds a few more details – and now Slashdot

  • CNet updates the DMCA-based lawsuit over toner replacement cartridges. (eWeek story)

  • Peter Coffee weighs in on the Verizon lawsuit

    When legislators make foolish laws, or courts enforce laws foolishly, they teach people to justify doing whatever they want. In particular, when teen-agers spend their formative years acquiring contempt for laws that are made by the ignorant at the behest of the selfish, I fear for the consequences when those young people become our next generation of leaders.

    That’s why the battle between the record industry and the rest of the world is more than just an example of a business that doesn’t understand its reason for being. And it’s also why we should wish Verizon well in its appeal of last month’s District Court ruling, which ordered that service provider to identify a user who may have engaged in file swapping.

    …As I noted late last month when discussing this issue with CBS News, Bach didn’t need a record contract—or royalties—to inspire him. He had a family to feed. The present-day business model of the record companies is a temporary artifact of a transitional stage in a developing technology.