2003 February 5

(entry last updated: 2003-02-05 19:10:14)

  • Siva Viadhyanathan has a discussion with a musician friend of his from Wonderlick on the future of music at his weblog for today. (Note: The actual URL for the entry is being served up incorrectly as his server as "text/plain" so I can’t really point you there without giving you the working weblog URL and a date reference. It looks like a Blogger configuration error, but I don’t know how to solve it.)

  • Cory Doctorow uses a neologism that I’d never seen before to discuss an article on the Disney-Milne Pooh copyright controversy.

  • Recall that last week there was an article stating that the new EU directions for the copyright directive looked less onerous that its counterparts in other parts of the world. Looks like someone noticed, and is making a stink about it.

  • The Register also updates the Microsoft/Sendo brouhaha. Cnet has the Reuters news wire.

  • Donna points to an interview with Jack Valenti, which is deconstructed by a fellow Berkmanite. UPDATE: Slashdot has a discussion going

  • Findlaw has an editorial arguing that the Eldred decision has implications for other equally contentious pieces of legislation – focusing on gun control.

  • The LATimes has a legislative review piece arguing that there will not be any action on copyright-related legislation this term, due to other more pressing concerns – oh, except for possibly something on the broadcast flag!

  • I am reminded (after a look for the link to the draft material from Terry Fisher‘s book for a student), that I was going to kick in some thoughts. Having read it through, I am (once again) left slackjawed at how he frames the discussion with his deconstruction of the response of his Brazilian audience to his question about P2P activity. However, I have been remiss in my homework, so I have not yet put my thoughts down – yet. But I will, Donna – soon, I hope!