Coverage of the MSN Music Store Opening

  • CNet News: Behind the music: Microsoft?

    Windows Media 10 has created enough industry buzz that partners are lining up in force behind Microsoft, offering a potential boost for the software giant’s long-standing campaign to make Windows Media a de facto industry standard.

    Call them Microsoft’s coalition of the willing.

    […] Microsoft has two primary weapons it is bringing to the fight: digital rights management (DRM) and video.

    Windows Media Player 10 incorporates a new copy-protection scheme, formerly known as Janus, that for the first time allows online music subscription services such as Napster to offer rented tracks on portable devices.

  • AP Wire via Wired News: MSN Music Store No Original

    But Microsoft insists it is different. Among other things, the company claims its service will have a different look and feel, and says a main selling point is that songs can be played on more than 70 handheld devices that support its Windows Media format.

    […] Analysts have said Microsoft also is eager to boost the popularity of its Windows Media technology, which it hopes will become a standard format distributing copyright-protected digital music and video. Apple uses different technology, posing a potential threat to Microsoft.

  • The Register’s Microsoft listens to the music and MS Portable Media Centers to ship mid-Sept

  • BBC News: Microsoft launches iTunes rival

  • NYTimes: Microsoft Challenges Rivals With New Online Music Service; also a look at what MS sees as the next wave that they want to exploit: Is Portable Video Ready for Its Close-Up? and From Microsoft, a First Take

  • Washington Post: Microsoft’s Tune Like Many Others [pdf]

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