A Pro-MS Take on the MS Music eTailing Venture

An unsurprising take from a Ziff pub. It’ll be interesting to see if “good enough” translates from the computing realm into one where the expectations are more lofty — after all, when’s the last time your CD player “ate” your music or your receiver “crashed?” ‘Cuz I have had to learn the “CTL-ALT-DEL” equivalent for my “insanely great” iPod once, and I’m sure I’ll have to again — but it’s a keystroke sequence that hasn’t been burned into my memory the way that Microsoft has managed with “CTL-ALT-DEL”: iTunes may rock, but Microsoft will win

Apple’s iTunes store and iPod players have been earning a 4.0 grade point average. But Microsoft merely has to get a 3.0, multiplied by the Windows user base, and it wins. All of the online music stores sell the same music from five major labels (and a handful of indies who don’t make or break anyone’s business). And even if Apple does have leverage with the labels now, I can assure you that all five of them will throw Steve Jobs under the bus when the Windows music store starts heating up.

Am I arguing that Apple needs to open and license its music platform? Nah. Wouldn’t matter. iTunes and iPod should stay proprietary to Apple to keep them both insanely great–while Microsoft takes over.

Not to mention the effect a phrase like “Microsoft takes over” will have on the sphincters of music and movie executives.