Florida State Goes With iTunes

So now Apple is getting into the university sales business: FSU cracks down on illegal file sharing and offers free music-swapping software [pdf] (via Digital Music News

University officials quickly realized they had a two-fold problem on their hand: Not only was the downloading traffic causing a jam for other data, such as research files, trying to get through, but FSU could become potentially liable for letting illegal activity filter through its bandwidth.

Now, two years later, FSU officials are breathing easier. New software allows them to pinpoint illegal activity in file packets going through the bandwidth – much like an X-ray machine at the airport. And the university is in final negotiations with Apple to bring free downloading software called iTunes to students. The software is free; each legally downloaded song will cost a student 99 cents.

[…] FSU’s Online Music Committee, led by Baker, considered Napster, as well as Cflix Music Service. The university decided to go with iTunes because the site license for FSU is free, he said. The iTunes will offer software for Macs and Windows.

Macworld: Florida State offers students iTunes

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