2003 January 17

(entry last updated: 2003-01-17 20:02:53)

Don’t ask – just one of those days…..

  • Salon asks "what now?" post-Eldred. A good summary of what has to come next:

    [Lessig’s and Eldred’s] work and words have solidified a popular movement. The movement is certainly not strong enough yet to roll back the copyright term through legislation. But in smaller ways, through a hundred lesser battles we can get Congress and the courts to serve the needs of students, teachers, and citizens instead of Hollywood studios.

  • And though I was out of commission today, you can still check out Donna’s postings today: What Doesn’t Kill Us and Passing Strange. And check out Cory Doctorow’s weblog entry to understand why the latest EFF weblog is Cruelty to Analog.

  • Here’s a learning experience: The Law and Technology of DRM, Berkeley, CA – Feb 27 thru Mar 1.

  • Doc Searls discusses the Arnold Kling piece and subsequent materials.