"Bad actors"

In INDUCE chases Marybeth Peters, p2pnet suggests the current working rhetorical phrase in the next step of the fight over p2p

‘Badactors’ is a phrase gaining currency within the entertainment industry and now Hatch and three other powerful politicians are trying to rally support against them, using Peters as a front.

Urged on by Hatch, Senate Republican leader senator Bill Frist, Democratic leader senator Tom Daschle and the Judiciary committee’s senior Democrat, Patrick Leahy, are asking for Peters’ help.

[…] And, “Paralysis is not an option,” the Hollywood Reporter [pdf] has RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) boss Mitch Bainwol saying. “We remain eager to work on a common-sense compromise that fulfills the ultimate objective of targeting bad actors who are jeopardizing the future of music.”