Sharman Networks on the Grokster Ruling

Kazaa owner takes heart in P2P ruling

Sharman said that, as consequence of the decision made by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it will file a motion for a similar ruling to be held over its U.S. copyright infringement case, with the group’s lead counsel for the trial, Rod Dorman, demonstrating a new air of confidence.

“Sharman Networks will be filing a motion for summary judgment nearly identical to the successful motions filed by Grokster and Morpheus, and we are confident that Judge Wilson will find that our product, Kazaa, is a lawful product as well,” he said.

Dorman describes the decision as a victory for the technology industry and for fans, artists and owners of entertainment content.

“Entertainment industry executives in the U.S. must now embrace peer-to-peer technology and work with software developers and other partners to commercialize it. It is time for them to take their business back from their lawyers and steer it into the future of digital distribution,” Dorman said.