The Rise of i2Hub

Supercharged college P2P project expands

The I2hub founders have acquired a small online textbook exchange and are tying it into the file-swapping service, hoping that students will start reselling books to each other instead of using local bookstores. With this, and other similar student-focused services, they’re aiming to turn the file-swapping traffic into a more traditional–and potentially profitable–hub of campus activities.

“We want to get away from the P2P image and more towards a student service,” said Wayne Chang, a University of Massachusetts student who serves as the project’s organizer. “I2hub is like the solid tree that leaf projects, like the book exchange, will spring from. Most other people in our space focus on the leaf projects, but they don’t have a solid tree on campus.”

The i2Hub site — their About page:

i2hub is an organization by students for students. The organization delivers a platform for students from colleges, universities, and institutions globally providing instant access to an academic community built on collaboration. Our organization is made up of over 80 dedicated and talented individuals.

i2hub provides access for hundreds of thousands of students from hundreds of universities to form one of the largest student networks. i2hub is the first-ever system on a completely separate high-speed network that’s faster than normal internet garnering worldwide support from college-level students.

i2hub’s groundbreaking, peer-to-peer (P2P) solution proven effective for online collaboration between students, is the first and largest student community in the world with hundreds of thousands of users. Our team of software developers are working on adding new functionality and value to the i2hub system.

Through our system, i2hub offers the most advanced and innovative solutions for online collaboration to the students worldwide. With the inevitable meshing of university cultures and networks, the organization is poised to emerge as the world leader. i2hub is the conduit in which students across the planet connect to share ideas, collaborate, and form social networks in a real-time environment never before achieved.