Convergence Fallout Continues

Licensing Computer Techs As TV Repairmen. From the cited article:

As home computers come to the fore as entertainment devices, powering home theaters, audio systems and the like, the Radio and Television Technicians Board is seeking to license computer technicians much the way it has licensed television and radio repair workers since the 1950s.

To that end, the board last week informed Broussard that he would have to send the board $55 and an affidavit from an employer, customer or computer school attesting that he was a computer consultant. In exchange, Broussard would receive his license.

Mark Lewis, president of the Louisiana Technology Council, a trade association based in New Orleans, said he finds the situation absurd.

“They’re taking a law passed when computers weren’t even around and applying it to computers,” Lewis said. “The whole thing is mind-boggling to me — how they could come up with something like this?”