JibJab News

General coverage can be found in this Wired News article: JibJabbing for Artists’ Rights

Ludlow Music, which owns Guthrie’s copyright to the song, threatened to sue JibJab Media, which created the animation. But attorneys for JibJab struck first, filing a lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court in Northern California that asks a judge to declare that This Land does not violate copyright.

Copyfight has a number of postings on this: Embargo Lifted tells us that the EFF is representing JibJab, and This Use Is Fair Use; Ernest Miller also has considerable to say about it: JibJabapalooza 3

Earlier Wired News coverage is here: Sue You: This Song Is Our Song; JibJab’s site

Later – Donna documents what I knew I had read online, but whose source I couldn’t remember — some of the living Guthries’ take on the current fight — Copyright Law Wasn’t Made for You and Me; even later, Lessig’s Publisher v. Author