I’m Outta Here

Good luck, Boston, with the convention, but this is my chance to get a little R&R before the cycle of preparation for the new term begins.

I hope to be back ready and able to tackle the final stages of moving the server over to the new machine, and to being a better weblog host than I have the past few days.

And my PowerBook keyboard developed a sticky shift key that necessitated a replacement, so I’m not even going to be able to be tempted by posting until I’m back!!

You’ve all probably already discovered that there are some terrific people behind the blogroll to the right. If you check them out, you’ll certainly stay up to date — better than I will for a little bit!

And we can only hope that our President will keep Senator Hatch and his IICA/INDUCE cronies busy with responses to the 9/11 Commission Report in the coming weeks, so they’ll be too busy to further destabilize the institutions and instruments of creativity!

See y’all soon!