2002 December 24

(entry last updated: 2002-12-24 14:00:01)

  • Via PeerCast News: this great opinion piece from the Rocky Mountain News on where the music industry is going. Some great quotes:

    This year, many in the industry know the party is just about to end. A high-powered player in the music industry for the past quarter century recently remarked privately that “the music industry is over.”

    Not completely over, but certainly over as we know it.

    People are going to still listen to music and go to concerts, but everyone has finally realized – way too late – that the old way really isn’t going to work, no matter how hard the industry tries to resist change.

    …Downloading and CD burning has won. High ticket and CD prices have lost. By trying to maximize profits, the industry killed them.

  • Got an e-mail from Eric Norlin, who’s taken a look at some of the stuff I posted (via Doc, I expect). His latest posting on the topic of identity and commerce incorporates the thinking of a lot of others, but I’m pleased to be included <G> UPDATE: Doc Searls’ followup posting

  • Not that I’m really surprised, but it’s interesting that the LA Times was actually able to construct and publish this story on just how far the Bush Administration goes to ensure that none of their advisors might offer contrary advice.

  • The Register has an interesting article on WFMU, a non-profit (but not public) radio station in New Jersey. The article covers the strategies that this station is taking in the face of the CARP rulings on webcasting of music.

  • Ernie the Attorney discusses the copyright games around song lyrics, in response to Doc’s posting earlier, which included that great photoshopped picture.

  • Today’s Boston Globe has an article on GNU (local PDF). I know it’s just a sign of a slow news day, but it’s good to see ink devoted to these ideas.

  • On the other hand, the Sun/Microsoft ruling on Java is bound to get lots of ink, all over. The Boston Globe local PDF), SFGate (AP release), CNet, ZDNet, eWeek, Sun’s statement, LawMeme, New York Times, The Register, Slashdot, Wired News. Law.com takes the AP Wire report and gives it a great title: Want Java With That? Judge Gives Microsoft No Choice (More coming) (Surprise! Nothing in Slate as of 8:00AM today)

  • If you’re a Salon Premium subscriber, this rundown on the state of the music industry this year is well worth a look. Notable quote:

    Nothing for me, articulated the year’s tone of drawn-out disappointment more perfectly: Frivolity whilst waiting for the other shoe to drop. And for once in a good long while, that tone was not just a comment on the music industry itself — still stealing souls and now selling fewer $18.99 CDs than last year and continuing to blame it on the Internet — but rather, something that is in the air out there at this very moment, a bad-trip electrical current known not as War, but maybe worse, the Waiting for It.