The TV Musuem

Where Old Television Goes to Its Final Reward

The Museum of Television and Radio on West 52nd Street in Manhattan is a little like the Louvre. It was made into a museum by a Robespierre-like visionary tyrant, William S. Paley of CBS, and most first-time visitors just want to see the Mona Lisa.

[…] The library does not yet offer visitors Internet access so they can look up such information on Google or IMDB. Nor does the museum Web site ( allow consumers to browse its collection online. If viewers want to find out whether the museum has a copy of the only musical Cole Porter ever wrote for television (“Aladdin,” on CBS in 1958) without making the trip to 52nd Street, they must call the museum inquiry line between 4 and 5:45 p.m. (It does.)

The imperfections are small, and not so terrible. […]

The collection is particularly rich in old, obscure musicals, which are almost never shown on television because the music rights are so expensive.