2002 December 13

(entry last updated: 2002-12-13 07:22:21)

My wedding anniversary – and one of the "real" ones, in that it really also falls on a Friday this year!

End of term crunch, combined with other deadlines, has made this a busy week for me, with less than adequate time to keep up with goings-on in this area. (Interesting to note that, in spite of having left my formal student status behind almost 2 decades ago, my crunch-time calendar still matches that of the academic cycle).

Anyway, one of my recent delights was grading (*finally*) the short papers I assigned to ESD.10 on the block I taught this year on copyright and the impacts of P2P upon the policy issues arising from its development. The paper asked the students to cite examples of "architecture" (a la Lessig’s Code) and, as is so often the case with TPP students, I got to learn some new things – my favorite was a description of the fact that many public rest rooms in Europe have special lighting installed whose color is shifted toward the blue end of the spectrum. Why? Because it’s hard to see your veins, thus making it hard to inject drugs.

Sad to see the continuing decline of OS/2, in spite of IBM’s protestations that it will always be available.

Larry’s taking his e-Book discussion on the road – written up in CIO Magazine and commented upon on Slashdot – an Eldred recap, with a strong overtone of the implicit risks of marrying copyright to technological alienation.