2002 November 29

(entry last updated: 2002-11-29 08:16:09)

Sorry if this pisses you off, but David Rees’s latest “Get Your War On” comics summarize everything I could ever want to say about the rise of both Poindexter and Kissinger in this current administration (not to mention the spinelessness of the current Democratic “leadership.”). Support GYWO any way you can!

Peter Chenin’s speech has gotten a second set of online commentaries, although the WayNu one is still the most comprehensive.

The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights Ed Felten’s tinkering efforts.

More on the Napster sale to Roxio from Wired. And Paul Boutin’s piece from the dead tree issue discusses the rise of “sneakernet” Napster via CD-R & iPod.

The New York Times suggests that the biggest worry for musicians arising from online filesharing is the spread of incomplete or demo versions on songs.

The battle over use of open source in the government continues; Slashdot discussion.