2002 November 27

(entry last updated: 2002-11-27 06:03:40)

The NYTimes describes the efforts students are making to retain access to online file sharing. The Times also has a small bit on the Universal proposal to refine royalty audits.

Donna had another jam-packed entry yesterday. ZDNet cites the public release of the MPEG-4 spec, with all licensing settled – will it be enough to set the next standard, or is WMA already too entrenched?

LawMeme points to a Law.com article on a SESAC victory – a look at the mechanics of royalty. Larry Lessig points to some work done at the Berkeley Center on Law and Technology on a question raised during the Eldred arguments – what about the 1976 Copyright extension?

And The Register has some nice coverage (and letters) of the RIAA/US Naval Academy fight.