2002 November 26

(entry last updated: 2002-11-26 15:11:42)

Being away means that sometimes the best strategy is just to point to other’s good work. For example, Donna’s latest at Copyfight covers several important topics. The deconstruction of Peter Chernin’ speech is particularly nice. And it’ll be interesting to see how long the Globe link to Jonathan’s editorial lasts.

Equally interesting is John Ashcroft’s position on Internet surveillance, circa 1997. Wonder if he and Poindexter have talked this over?

Amy Harmon of the NYTimes writes up the plight of the Middies as their computers are confiscated so their instructors can look for pirated music files. The NYTimes also reports that Bertelsmann is turning CDNow over to Amazon to run. And an interesting conference at Columbia (The New Gatekeepers) that examines art and copying in the digital age is written up as well.

And, with the Christmas season upon us, the music industry’s practice of the re-release (special or otherwise) gets a surprisingly sharp look. And, in case you missed it, the new Shania Twain album has a couple of twists in music sales innovation.

I have to get ready for class, but a look at Slashdot reveal that the posting of DeCSS at the LiViD www site has been found to be OK according to the California court – using it is still up in the air, of course.

Back from class to find that a bunch of stuff has been posted over at Wired: KaZaA may be in trouble again this time; Brad King profiles the upcoming Congress’ players in the digital policy arena; and Sklyarov’s visa has been approved so he can now try to attend the trial in which he and his employer play a big role. *Whew* – I’m going home…….