TI’s DLP Technology Gets Some Competition

Competition Is Heating Up as Projectors Go Digital

Motion picture industry analysts have long predicted a shift to digital projection because using a hard disk, rather than a film projector, to serve up a movie produces a superior image.

“Our new technology is the holy grail of digital projectors,” said John Scarcella, president of Sony Electronics’ broadcast and business solutions company. “A 4k resolution is what the industry has been waiting for. It gives the ‘wow’ factor that consumers want.”

Sony’s 4k projector creates an image that is 4,096 pixels across and 2,160 high, and has four times the number of pixels delivered by Texas Instruments’ 2k DLP Cinema projection chip, which projects an image 2,048 pixels across by 1,080.

[…] Theater owners have refused to pay for the digital conversion, arguing that the studios stand to gain the most in the switch to digital delivery. Indeed, when studios deliver digital files of films via satellite rather than by producing and shipping large reels of celluloid from theater to theater, they will save about $1,200 a print, or a total of $1.36 billion a year, according to Screen Digest, a London-based research firm.