From the Mouths of Babes

This MI2N press re-release on a BSA study includes a provocative paragraph: New Survey Shows That Teens Are More Likely To Illegally Download Than Tweens [via MI2N]

“I think the curriculum made an impact on my students,” said Bertha Nenque, a fourth grade teacher at Santa Maria Elementary School, Laredo, Texas. “They were surprised to learn that copyright laws apply in cyberspace.” When describing her experience teaching BSA’s cyber ethics curriculum, Ms. Nenque said, “The students look at it as a game, yet they are learning and will remember the material.”

It would be really interesting to probe *why* the students are confused — the CONTU White Paper still confuses me, most notably the recommendation starting on page 213 — particularly in contrast to an earlier CONTU recommendation.

See the educational materials at PlayItCyberSafe