2002 November 11

(entry last updated: 2002-11-11 14:52:25)

An excellent op-ed piece by Ernest Miller (of LawMeme fame).

(thanks, Ernest!) And MIT gets some nasty press and commentary over digital TV standards.

Movielink goes live – for those of you with the appropriate software, of course (something weird with Doc’s weblog and the permalink for this – search for "Earth to Hollywood") – and a Slate piece says it’s all for show. And the Times has an interesting article on what online CD sellers are facing in this market climate. And the transcript of a cell-phone conversation (LawMeme writeup)

Looks like Declan’s refining his politico-geek message – and did he read the Friday log <G> And New Scientist suggests that research will get P2P around Berman-Coble.

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