RIAA Press Release: More Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Brought Against Illegal File Sharers

As with all the lawsuits filed so far this year, the RIAA is utilizing the “John Doe” litigation process, which is used to sue defendants whose names are not known. In addition to the “John Doe” lawsuits against 493 illegal file sharers, the RIAA, on behalf of the nation’s leading record companies, brought a lawsuit against 24 named defendants — individuals who were identified through “John Doe” litigations and then declined or ignored a RIAA overture to settle the case before it proceed any further.

CNet: RIAA sues 493 more music swappers; Wired News: RIAA Bags 493 More Swappers; Slashdot: RIAA Sues Nearly 500 New Swappers