In Re: Ernest’s Discussion of Cynicism

I do have a few thougts in response to/support of Ernest that I’m still working on, but the NYTimes editorial page offers up its own evaluation of the recent Disney decision to block distribution of Michael Moore’s latest: Disney’s Craven Behavior

Mr. Moore’s agent said that Michael Eisner, Disney’s chief executive, had expressed concern that the film might jeopardize tax breaks granted to Disney for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida, where Jeb Bush is governor. If that is the reason for Disney’s move, it would underscore the dangers of allowing huge conglomerates to gobble up diverse media companies.

On the other hand, a senior Disney executive says the real reason is that Disney caters to families of all political stripes and that many of them might be alienated by the film. Those families, of course, would not have to watch the documentary.

It is hard to say which rationale for blocking distribution is more depressing. But it is clear that Disney loves its bottom line more than the freedom of political discourse.

Note: If the first rationale makes Disney craven, what does it say about a US administration that is willing to wield power in this fashion? And why are the rest of us so blasé about that? When did cynicism go from being a way to understand and become, instead, a basis to excuse (or worse, justify)? And why do we put up with it?

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Update: Michael Eisner writes a letter to the editor: Disney and Michael Moore