2002 October 25

(entry last updated: 2002-10-25 09:47:06)

Today’s Boston Globe has a couple of interesting insights into the modern music business. And apparently the RIAA is taking lessons from the BPA playbook – and they expect to build a constituency?

Wired News picks up on the New Democrat Coalition letter opposing the GPL. The NYTimes talks about the Google mess, and FCC regulatory change

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  • Steven Case, a once-major-label artist, is profiled in today’s Boston Globe, describing the life of the independent artist.

  • The Globe also has an article on Compass, a small record company known for its eclectic mix, including Kate Rusby, a personal favorite. A look at the alternatives to big label production economics.
  • I guess the RIAA and MPAA never met a constituency that they didn’t want to alienate. This week, Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Wired News has an article giving the members of the New Democrat Coalition a chance to tell us that they’re just misunderstood, rather than Microsoft shills. Suuuuure they are. Wired does talk to GPL supporters, of course.
  • The New York Times covers the Google site blocking issues raised yesterday.
  • An the Times also summarizes the questions around ultra wideband and spectrum allocation.