2002 October 23 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-10-23 19:41:55)

So, winter has begun, I guess – it hasn’t actually snowed in Cambridge (yet!), but it was sleeting when I walked from Au Bon Pain to my office this morning a little before 7:45 – *sigh*

The DDoS attack on the internet root servers is getting coverage several places, but I like The Register’s writeup best so far – particularly the speculation at the close of the article. I assume that the Slashdot discussion would also be worth checking out, but the site seems to be unavailable this AM. Ahh – it’s back now

Copyfight links to a funky site – the Washington University at St. Louis Supreme Court Forecasting Project, specifically, the Eldred v. Ashcroft predictions.

Along these lines, Aaron Swartz’s online transcript from the Eldred case now has a cover page of notes that is definitely worth reading – esp. this Globe and Mail article

Newsforge cites disturbing action by Congress-critters to suggest outlawing the GNU General Public License.

Attention! All TP5 students – the Oxford Union is hosting a debate Oct 24. The proposition: "This House believes that ‘the free music mentality is a threat to the future of music.’" Those speaking in favor of the proposition will include Hilary Rosen (CEO of the RIAA) and Jay Berman (President of the IFPI). (Update: Reading the details, it appears that you probably can’t get in; looks like you have to send your dinner fees ‘2 clear days’ in advance. But it may be worth checking into, since that’s only the official policy. Good luck!)

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