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Yikes! Cflix Teams With Musicnet To Power Music Service For Yale University

Cflix and MusicNet announced today a partnership that will dramatically improve the choices that college students have to access digital music. Cflix, a video on demand provider for universities, will launch a new offering, called Ctrax, to offer an economical, legal music alternative for students. MusicNet, the world’s leading online music service provider, will power the Ctrax service, which is available, starting today, as a pilot at Yale University. Cflix has been offering its media content to universities including Yale, Duke, Wake Forest and the University of Colorado for more than two years. MusicNet provides a full-scale, customizable digital music solution to some of the world’s biggest brands including AOL and Virgin.

MusicNet will provide Ctrax with a subscription service and download store featuring more than 700,000 tracks, original programming, playlists, and other features. Additionally, the Ctrax service will incorporate community features specifically for Yale University to provide an outlet for locally produced music and video. Yale University students will have access to the first production release of the service and test both functionality and aesthetics to provide feedback.

As many as 20 colleges and universities will be rolling out the Ctrax service for the fall of 2004. Ctrax works through the university’s local area network, with files stored locally to deliver faster and more reliable music content. The Ctrax service will be available for below market prices, making it very appealing to the cost-conscious student population.

Note the local storage angle — another deployment of an MP3.com concept that was construed as copyright infringement at the time, but now there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Nothing like being early/late to the party…..

Missed this Reuters wire from CNet: MusicNet launches pilot download service at Yale And nothing at LawMeme about this. Maybe Ernest has some contacts that can shed some light on this.