2002 October 14 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-10-14 18:27:24)

Declan follows up on the User Friendly cartoon. And Judge Jackson resurfaces. The industry is looking to kill off the CD (wonder why?). I read about the IFPI report in Europe; now I have the link. And the New York Times suggests that Slashdot may be doing something right

A first look at fallout from the Eldred v. Ashcroft argument is given in the New York Times today. Of course, Donna has assembled a vast amount of information that’s going to take me hours to get through!

Something for the TPP students in ESD.10 as a followup to the “Practice Makes Perfect” we did on October 9th about language

And I’ve learned my lesson – no more links to MSNBC hosted Newsweek articles – they age them away – so here’s a permalink to Glitterati v. Geeks, before it dies. I’ve lost all my other great Steven Levy bits from there except the Palladium article, hosted at cryptome. Worse, MSNBC won’t even let me search and pay for an old copy. That’s why I never do a Technology Review link anymore either; it’s not just because they betrayed their original editorial base when they turned it into a gee-whiz “entrepreneur” mag. The New York Times at least maintains the integrity of an article link, and you can at least retrieve the text for money if you forgot.

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