NES Tunes At Clubs

A fun story from Salon, with a copyright angle: Nintendo rocks!

The opening act has just finished at Northsix, a Brooklyn, N.Y., hot spot, and the crowd of 300-plus is crying out for more. But as the next band, the Minibosses, climbs onstage for its set, something seems a little odd. The players move all the vocal mikes off to the side. And once they’re ready to begin, frontman Aaron Burke, 27, announces the first number, one that you’re not likely to hear in your average club: a song from the video game “Goonies 2.”

[…] Lawyers at Nintendo “either don’t know what the answer’s going to be [to the rights question], or they’re waiting to see how it plays out,” says Anthony Berman, an entertainment attorney in San Francisco.

“Honestly,” Burke says, “no one is going to do anything about it until someone starts making some major money off of it.”