Thank Goodness No Mod-chipping!

Wouldn’t want to break the law, now, would we? Making Music With Speak & Spell

Hacked musical instruments, and the distinctive sounds they produce, will be the focus of Bent 2004, a weeklong festival of circuit-bending music and art that opens Thursday at Spaceworks at The Tank in New York City.

“Circuit bending” is the art of modifying existing electronics, usually those found in children’s toys, to create new sounds and unique musical instruments. Festival events will include a concert series, a gallery exhibit of “bent” instruments, how-to workshops for beginners and experienced artists, and a family day for fledgling benders.

The idea for the festival was sparked by Spaceworks curators Mike Rosenthal and Daniel Greenfeld’s desire to host a hands-on musical event, one that visitors could participate in. Anyone can be a circuit bender, Rosenthal and Greenfeld insist. [emphasis added]

[…] “I want people to feel empowered and enthusiastic. I want them to go home and take apart all their toys,” said Rosenthal.

“Open those toys up. Spend some time with them. Cut up the circuits and hang them on the wall. Hook them up to speakers and listen to them. See what’s going on in there. Toys are cheap — there’s no reason to be afraid.”

So far, anyway…….