Free Culture Book Club

I have my copy of the book, but am too swamped to read it yet. For those of you who are, as well as those of us about to, Prof. Solum’s online book club is a terrific resource. So far:

  • Monday, March 29–Preface, Introduction, & Chapter One (pp. xiii-30).

  • Tuesday, March 30–Chapters Two & Three (pp. 31-52).

  • Wednesday, March 31–Chapters Four & Five (pp. 53-80).

  • Thursday, April 1–Chapters Six, Seven, Eight, & Nine (pp. 81-115).

  • Friday, April 2–Chapter Ten (pp. 116-174).

  • Monday, April 5–Chapters Eleven & Twelve (pp. 175-212).

  • Tuesday, April 6–Chapters Thirteen & Fourteen (pp. 213-256)

  • Wednesday, April 7–Conclusion & Afterword (pp. 257-306)