2002 September 26 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-09-26 17:59:02)

The New York Times reviews and discusses Windows Media Player.

Mike Godwin discusses the Right to Tinker. Salon discusses the mixed message of software piracy enforcement. EETimes has an article on plugging the analog hole that’ll chill you.

And, like, ohmigod! Britney Spears wants me to stop sharing files!

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  • A surprisingly balanced look at the Windows Media Player from a paper that has generally been a Microsoft apologist. The closing paragraph, however, portends trouble:

    Does the world really want Microsoft dictating multimedia formats to the Internet and entertainment industries? In the end, I suspect Media Player 9’s success may depend less on its many innovations than on the public’s willingness to surrender so much gatekeeping authority to the Windows juggernaut.

  • Ernest Miller agrees with me that the Clean Flicks case represents an important new area in this debate. Here’s his latest contribution to the discussion.

  • The RIAA “education” program is starting up soon, according to ZDNet. Should be truly heart-wrenching to hear the plight of Madonna, P. Diddy and Britney.

  • And the CEA’s Gary Shapiro would like to suggest that Britney et al. are missing the point. The ZDNet version includes comments from readers.

  • A Findlaw editorial tries to disentangle copyright and reverse-engineering restrictions in shrinkwrap licenses.

  • Mike Godwin of the Center for Democracy and Technology discusses the right to tinker at Law.com

  • Salon has an article on the fact that, while piracy may not be good, keeping people from using your software keeps you from being about to exploit the power of the network effect. Slashdot discusses this alongside the above announcement of the RIAA PR campaign.

  • An article from EETimes on trying to stuff a genie back into a bottle: plugging the analog hole. Now that’s what I call alienation!