A Part of the Emerging VoIP Battle

Raising the question: is embracing a strategy to get around CALEA by exploiting the “information services” exemption a winning strategy, or just one that gives the DoJ incentive to fight even harder to eliminate the exemption?: VoIP provider to block eavesdroppers

VoicePulse said the new feature will prevent electronic or traditional eavesdropping on customers’ phone calls. It encrypts the part of the call that travels alongside other data on the public Internet, the first time this approach has been taken by a commercial voice over Internet Protocol service provider (VoIP), according to VoicePulse.

VoicePulse President Ravi Sakaria said he believes the company’s competitors, which now include AT&T, will also make it standard to protect the data in calls from being captured by outsiders. He said it will ease privacy concerns, satisfying current subscribers and making voice calling over the Internet more palatable to potential business customers.

“Encryption will not cost extra, and we do intend to encrypt every call on all plans,” Sakaria said. “As a service provider, we feel that providing encryption is a requirement, not an option.”