2002 September 20 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-09-20 19:00:39)

Wired News has a sharp look at the Tauzin digital TV bill. And Robert Cringeley is trying to scare the hell out of you!

And, after reading something on the Doc Searls weblog, I decided to look up the entire bit.

(2 items listed below)

  • Brad King describes the controversies around Billy Tauzin‘s new, albeit long-expected, bill.

  • Robert Cringeley’s latest column described BayTSP and their role in DMCA enforcement by sniffing and snooping the Internet.

    Now we get to the part I find especially interesting, and where I think there is a lot of confusion among users. This has to do with how BayTSP finds out who is distributing kiddy porn or pirated music files. If you think your activities on the Internet are anonymous, you are wrong. When BayTSP finds an IP address that appears to be the source of child pornography or pirated music or video files, under the DMCA, it can subpoena ISP logs. These logs can directly connect even dynamic IP addresses to user accounts, making it clear very quickly who owns the offending account. Every ISP keeps these http logs, and even products for so-called anonymous surfing aren’t effective in circumventing the technique.

    “We have 100 percent coverage of peer-to-peer file sharing,” Ishikawa claims. “If you are illegally sharing copyrighted materials, we know who you are.”

    The Slashdot discussion points out how to use whois, but there’s a lot of commentary on just how to beat this.