2002 September 17 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-09-17 17:22:09)

A propos of an e-mail from someone in the business of digital distribution, there’s a new article on record industry reform from yesterday’s USA Today. And, record companies are taking extreme measures to keep review copies of CDs off the street… and the Internet

The The Register is shocked, shocked to find that the White House likes Palladium!

(3 items listed below)

  • USA Today has an article on the changes brewing in recording industry contracts. Some more numbers to add to my economics of record (oop! – I mean CD) production lecture!

  • New Scientist reports that review copies of pending CDs are now being shipped to critics and other reviewers in sealed CD players to limit pre-release!

  • The White House Cybersecurity Initiative (a, b, c, all from PoliTech) has gotten a review from Thomas C. Greene. Surprise, surprise – TCPA gets a thumbs-up.