Slashdot on a New ATi HDTV Card

This discussion, HDTV On Your PC – ATi’s HDTV Wonder, shows just how much people are prepared to invest in the latest and greatest video tech — but it takes quite a while to get around to a key issue: broadcast flag transmission/recognition

ATi TV cards are soon to become useless (Score:5, Informative)

by Anonymous Coward on Sunday February 29, @07:49AM (#8422007)

The messages are pouring out of web forums, broadcasters have discovered the “copyright” tag they can send out with their programs when they’re delivered… and ATi very happily kow-tows to the signal and says “sorry, this program is copyrighted and cannot be recorded” (witness last week’s Enterprise).

Pretty soon all this hardware will be worthless, since nothing will be recordable except your home movies.

I need to track down what that Enterprise cite is about…..