I’ve ruminated about posting something about this, but LawMeme has done a better job than I could: Paris Hilton And Copyright Law. The Reuters article: Paris Hilton ‘Directed’ Sex Video – Court Filing

In court papers, Marvad’s lawyers argued that the case should be thrown out because Salomon was not the sole copyright holder as he apparently had claimed in registration documents.

“Unfortunately for Salomon, the video also depicts Ms. Hilton participating fully in the creation of the video,” the motion said. “Ms. Hilton offered directorial comments and physically controlled and directed the camera.”

At one point in the video, Hilton even pushed Salomon out of the frame so as to not block the shot, the document said.

James Grimmelmann asks the right question, particularly when dealing with freaks like these:

Really. Is this the sort of factual issue on which anything ought to turn?

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