From Donna with links to others: Bunner Acquitted in DeCSS Case-Again.

EFF’s copy of the decision: DVD Copy Control Association Inc. v. Andrew Bunner Something else to read this afternoon — but see the comments that Donna has already cited.

It is important to stress that our conclusion is based upon the appellate record filed in this court. It is not a final adjudication on the merits. The ultimate determination of trade secret status and misappropriation would be subject to proof to be presented at trial. (Whyte v. Schlage Lock Co., supra, 101 Cal.App.4th at p. 1453.)


The order granting a preliminary injunction is reversed. Defendant Andrew Bunner shall recover his appellate costs.

Slashdot: DeCSS Trade Secret Case Comes to an End – Again; News.com — Court: DeCSS ban violated free speech